Enterprise Edition

The World's Foremost Mobile Financial Services Platform

Fundamo Enterprise Edition has been architected and developed as a 'Generation 2' platform, meeting the demands of a mainstream, high growth industry. It follows four previous major releases of the technology, so is inherently mature, harnessing over ten years of business and operational experience in many emerging markets with many different business models for both mobile network operators and banks.

The platform enables these institutions to launch services that meet both their immediate and long-term strategic goals. Its configurability supports the fast 'go-to-market' needs of the industry, whilst providing the security and scalability required in high volume financial transacting environments. It is feature and function rich and easily connectable to the ecosystem.

Fundamo Enterprise Edition works on and supports:
    Oracle Stack
  • - Oracle Database 11g Release 2
  • - Oracle Solaris 10, Oracle Solaris 11
  • - Glassfish 2.1.1
    IBM Stack
  • - AIX 6.1
  • - DB2 9.7
  • - Websphere 7

Fundamo is Ready for IBM PureSystems

Fundamo is among the first application providers to be certified on IBM's new family of expert integrated systems.

Learn more about IBM PureSystems here

Fundamo Enterprise Edition, A Platform for Growth

Based on 11 years of experience, the Fundamo platform is designed to help service providers achieve exponential growth in uptake and usage. This includes support for sophisticated agent hierarchy management and associated commission and fee management.

Fundamo's platform is highly scalable and expressly designed to enable accelerated service adoption. Enterprise Edition is available on a combination of hardware and software stacks, resulting in predictable behaviour under various load conditions. The behaviour is predictable since the proposed stacks have been performance tested with the supplying vendors.

Fundamo's platform is modular, application-driven and built on open APIs to enable easy development, integration, compliance with the latest regulations and rollout of new services. This means that Enterprise Edition can be configured to adapt to the consumer experience, while supporting variable operating models due to changing market conditions.

Besides the generic benefits entrenched inside Enterprise Edition, open APIs provide a quick and simple connection to other service providers. The platform offers remittance capabilities into existing hubs.

The Fundamo mobile-money platform is built on internationally recognised banking architecture principles. In addition, the platform has been constructed to utilise the inherent security of the mobile phone: Fundamo will always implement the best security possible within the constraints of the technology deployed.
In order to meet and surpass the criteria for a banking grade mobile financial services platform, the platform's architecture takes into account sound monetary control disciplines with banking grade administration and real time transaction processing with banks as well as interoperability between platforms providing connectivity to thefinancial services eco-systems.

The Fundamo Mobile Wallet

The Fundamo Mobile Wallet is a complete 'standalone' banking solution with a fully functional and secure account which the customer can use to make convenient and secure payments, amongst other things, from their mobile phone.

It offers transformational banking and is typically delivered by the Mobile Network Operators and Financial Services Organisations wanting to address new market segments with a differentiated offering. With functionality tailored to cater for the specific consumer needs in each market, the account can be managed and maintained via the mobile phone as well as through the use of the internet or a branded payment card.

The Fundamo mobile wallet delivers a fully integrated solution; the consumer friendly interface on the handset, the robust transaction and security engine for secure, efficient processing and the fully functional value store (transactional account) with all the administrative functions and processes required to manage the back office.

Fundamo Mobile Banking

Fundamo mobile banking delivers Additive Banking and is typically for banks and financial institutions wishing to provide mobile banking as an additional electronic channel to access existing accounts. To understand more about Fundamo Mobile Banking please click here.(Link here to download PDF on Mobile Banking)

The platform's architecture ensures it can be configured to meet different mobile financial service needs globally. It can support multi-bank and multi-operator environments, as well as a single deployment.

In order to meet and surpass the criteria for a banking grade Mobile Financial Services platform the platform's architecture also:

  • Reinforces sound monetary control disciplines
  • Enables banking grade administration
  • Processes real time transactions with banking rigor
  • Empowers business users to add consumer transactions
  • Supports Interconnected platforms and eco-systems
  • Facilitates multiple business models and dispensations
  • Powers more than just mobile payments

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